Machine Learning Examples in our Daily life
Machine learning examples

Machine Learning Examples in our Daily life

Here  is  the  new  article  for  you  that  is  very  important  thing,  You  will  hear  about  more  from  some  past  year. So  that  is  called Machine Learning.
I know that mind of everyone few question arise when you hear about Machine Learning and Machine Learning examples.”What is Machine Learning?”,”Interested in knowing about Machine Learning”,
“What is Machine learning examples ?”

You also hear about the word “Artificial Intelligence” Today Most of the Technology Companies work on Artificial intelligence Such as Google, Testla, Amazon etc…
Articficial Intelligence is very popular that is also called AI and Machine learning examples is the part of AI.

Before knowing about Machine Learning, First of all You must know about Artificial Intelligence(AI).

AI is the type of Computer Science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machine
that work, React and learn like Human.”

Some of the activities:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Planning
  • Learning
  • Problem Solving
  • Reasoning
  • Perception

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere but possibility is that you are using it i one or other and you don’t know about it.
One of the famous application of AI is Machine learning(ML), in which software, Devices, Comouter perform like cognition(Behave like Human).So here we share some machine learning examples that we use everyday and have no idea about that is Machine intelligence:

#1.Online Customer Support

A lot of website even all nowaday offer the option to chat with customer support and representing while they are navigating within the website.However, not every site has a live executive to answer your question or queries.

Almost you talk to a chatbot, These bots tent to extract information from the site and present to the customers.They tend to understand the user queries better and serve them with better answer which is possible due to its machine learning algorithm.
This is one of the best machine learning examples in your life.

#2.Fraud Detection

Machine learing have also potential to secure place, Detect any type of fraud online is one of the machine learning example.
Paypal is using Machine learning algorithm for protection against money laundering.
Ther company uses a set of tools and system that help them to compare millions of transaction taking place at a time.

#3.Virtual Assistants

Now are the popular machine learning examples of Virtual Personal Assistants such as Siri, Google Assistants, Alexa.
As you search, they assist in finding information , when ask over voice.

You need to do is activate them and ask “What is the current time?”,”Where is my office?”, or many similar questions.
Your assistants look out for the information , racall your queries, or send a command to other resource like phone App to collect information.
You can also tell to your assistants to perform some task like “Set alarm for 6 AM next morning”.

Virtual Assistants are integrated to many devices and plateform. For example:

Speakers: Amazon Echo and Google Home
Smartphones: Samsung bixby on samsung S8

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#4.Video Serveillance

A single person monitoring multiple videos camera at a time which is very difficult job and boring as well.
so for making easy to this job, Video serveillance system are control by AI that make it possible to detect any crime before they is also best machine learning eaxamples.

They track unusual behaviour of people and system detect give an alert to attendants.
when these activities found danger then help to improve the system of serveillance.
All the activities of Machine learning happening in backened without making a big issue,It is one of the best machine learning examples.

Scope of Machine Learning(ML)

In future, Machine Learning is one of the most important and increasing factor around the world because each and everything will based on Machine learning.

You have already known with above Machine Learning examples, How important is in our daily Life.

Due to Machine Learning, we can make cognition product(like human behaviour) which decrease the pressure of work from the human.
So Machine learning is the most leading component in Future.

At last:

I hope you like the article about machine learning and machine learning examples, If you have any queries about ML & AI.

Then share and Comment with Love

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